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This month's pick

The Dry: A Novel

by Jane harper

This month, we're excited to announce our April book club pick: The Dry by Jane Harper. Set in Australia, Federal Agent Aaron Faulk returns home to mourn, and investigate, a murder-suicide committed by an old friend. As he looks into the case, long-buried secrets from his past begin to surface that he must face. And so begins the twists and turns that are sure to have us reading under the covers late into the night.

This debut novel from Harper has received rave reviews from publications like The New York Times and The Guardian and achieved numerous awards in Australia. You can read more about the book on Harper's site and even read Chapter 1 online if you still need convincing (or can't wait for your Two-Day Prime Shipping to come through).

Don't forget to join our book club, where we'll be sharing conspiracy theories and pointing out anything we might deem a "clue" to solving this mystery and uncovering the truths about Faulk and his past.


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