Join the sheTribe Ambassador Program

What's a she-eo?

A she-EO is an advocate and ambassador for sheTribe. By spreading the word about sheTribe, each she-EO will gain the opportunity to build their resume by attending quarterly webinars about digital advertising, grow awareness and brand equity of a female owned company, and become a liaison in your community for a brand that focuses on empowering, inspiring, and educating women.

How do I become one?

Send a note below and tell us: what you love about sheTribe, what makes you a perfect fit for the she-EO program, and how you can grow sheTribe in your community.

Okay…so now what?

Once you are approved to be a she-EO, you will learn how to eloquently speak about what sheTribe represents, learn how to share this message with your tribe, and receive marketing swag to help you get started.

Your first goal will be to get 50 confirmed subscribers using your personal referral code.

Once you hit 50 people, we will compensate you for each new confirmed subscriber.

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Please Include The Following: 1) What do you love about sheTribe? 2) What makes you a great fit for the she-EO program 3) How you plan on growing sheTribe in your community